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MormonVoices Corrects Misconceptions About Race in the Book of Mormon

Salt Lake City, Utah (March 31, 2012) – MormonVoices, a volunteer group dedicated to providing accurate information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has published an article responding to concerns that the Book of Mormon teaches racism. The article clarifies that the Book of Mormon is written from an ancient perspective, and its references to skin color do not equate to racial categories as they are understood today.

“It’s crucial to understand that the Book of Mormon is about a specific ancient time, place, and people,” said Scott Gordon, a managing director of MormonVoices. “It has absolutely nothing to do with people of African heritage.”

John Lynch, another managing director of MormonVoices, observed: “The LDS church is welcoming and respectful of all people, regardless of race, end of story. Racism can only be found by misunderstanding what is written and reading into it cultural assumptions that aren’t actually there. Anyone trying to tie the Book of Mormon to modern racism is simply uninformed as to what the book actually says.”

The article, along with other information about Mormons, can be found on the MormonVoices website, mormonvoices.org.

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