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10 April 2012

BYU ‘It Gets Better’ video shares emotional stories of gay Mormons

April 10, 2012

Houston Chronicle (Texas)

Gay and lesbian students at America’s largest Mormon university recently came out with their version of an “It Gets Better” video, opening up about the struggle they’ve had with their sexual identity at a school cited as one of the most difficult places for LGBT populations.

The Brigham Young University “It Gets Better Video” hit YouTube a couple weeks ago, several months after the online movement to affirm young gays and discourage teen suicide began.


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Taking a rare tour of a Mormon temple

April 10, 2012

KOAT (New Mexico)

On May 6, when Thomas S. Monson, the head of the 14 million member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, dedicates this temple, the doors will close forever to the public. The church said it expects as many as 100,000 visitors in Kansas City before the temple will be closed to the public.

After that, only temple-recommended Mormons will be able to walk through the heavy wooden and stained-glass doors.

“This is a sacred space, set apart place for only those who are devout followers of the faith,” Walker said.


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Romney Faces Challenge on Mormonism and Race

April 10, 2012

Buzz Feed

Through his long presidential campaign, Romney has managed to maneuver his way around one of the most difficult questions in the history of Mormonism: The church’s systematic discrimination against African-Americans, who were barred from the priesthood until 1978. But as the political landscape shifts in the coming weeks to pit the first Mormon nominee directly against the nation’s first black president, a new set of voices — black intellectuals and religious leaders, in particular — are beginning to demand that Romney address a subject that’s rarely far from the surface of modern American politics: race.

“I think what you’ll find folks on the left doing is saying, ‘Look at this, look at the Mormon faith, this is what they used to believe while Mitt Romney was practicing!'” said David Wilson, founding editor African-American news site The Grio. “A lot of folks are going to want answers.”

Other prominent African-American figures say they see nothing out-of-bounds in questioning the details of Romney’s views on his faith’s racial record. Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College and frequent cable news commentator, said he “absolutely” plans to press Romney on the subject.


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Obama administration executive leaves for Mormon post

April 9, 2012

Washington Times

It’s not every day that the Obama administration loses a top official to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but that’s what’s happening later this month with the departure of Larry Echo Hawk.

Mr. Echo Hawk, the Interior assistant secretary for Indian Affairs, plans to leave his position April 27 to join the Mormon church as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, one of the church’s ordained leadership posts.


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Divided by God

April 7, 2012

New York Times

Obama’s likely general election rival, Mitt Romney, has had a less eventful religious journey, remaining a loyal practitioner of his childhood faith. But that faith, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the ultimate outsider church, persecuted at its inception and regarded with suspicion even now. Christian theologians wrangle over whether Mormon beliefs should be described as Christianity; Mormons, for their part, implicitly return the favor, since they believe that true Christian faith was restored to earth by Joseph Smith after nearly two millenniums of apostasy. Indeed, between its belief in a special 19th-century revelation and other doctrinal embellishments, Mormonism is arguably as far as Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation from what used to be the American religious center.


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Religion isn’t best test for president

April 9, 2012

The Tennessean

The present Republican presidential primaries have resurfaced this keen religious interest and focused it on Mitt Romney. The reason? He is a Mormon, which deeply disturbs many conservative Christians, who deny that Mormons are Christians. They believe that Mormonism’s strange book, suspect history and unusual beliefs disqualify Romney from being president.


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Easter event unites denominations

April 10, 2012

Utah Statesman

Believers of various denominations filled the LDS Institute of Religion auditorium to hear an unlikely combination of speakers Friday night.

A professor of religion and Mormon studies, an LDS stake president and an interdenominational representative all spoke at “Celebration of Christ: A Non-Denominational Easter Event,” to celebrate and educate visitors on Jesus Christ.

“It was meant to bring together all the different groups and denominations on campus, to allow celebrating Christ and sharing our love and feelings about Him,” said Carlie Allred, a senior studying secondary education and member of the LDS Student Association organizational committee.


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Idaho Woman Arrested For Abortion Is Uneasy Case For Both Sides

April 9, 2012

OPB News (Oregon)

McCormack is a small, quiet woman in her early-30s and a single mom of three. McCormack was raised devoutly Mormon in Pocatello, Idaho, where she’s lived all her life — and until last year, she was used to going unnoticed.


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Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Time for GOP to get serious

April 10, 2012

Vail Daily News (Colorado)

The whole Mormon thing is as superficial as liking or disliking Mitt because of his hair. Our Constitution requires no religious litmus test to run for public office, and the First Amendment protects the right to believe in whatever superstitious silliness one chooses. So if you’re the type who judges a man’s character by the version of magic that he believes in as opposed to his actions in the real world, well then, I suggest you either a) read a good book on critical thinking or b) move back to Kansas.


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Arizona immigration law divides Republicans

April 9, 2012

Financial Times

Local Mormon leaders, many of whom are prominent businessmen, were angered by the law’s impact on commerce and the state’s image, and also on Hispanics, the largest source of converts for the rapidly-expanding church.

“It was the church more than anything else that defeated Pearce. The Mormons got the word,” said Bruce Merrill, of Arizona State University.

The church is also working to ensure Mr Pearce will not make a comeback. In the forthcoming Republican primary for the November state poll, Mr Pearce faces Bob Worsley, a wealthy Mormon businessman who cofounded in-flight retailer SkyMall. “He will crush Mr Pearce,” said a prominent local Republican.

Despite the backlash, Mr Pearce’s law still pulls high-profile endorsements, most recently from the party’s most prominent Mormon, Mitt Romney, frontrunner for the 2012 Republican nomination, who called it “a model” earlier this year.


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Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. Now what?

April 9, 2012

Washington Post

Find ways to talk about Mormonism. Perhaps gun shy from the 2008 campaign in which it became clear that some of the hesitance toward Romney among evangelicals was due to his Mormon faith, the 2012 edition of his campaign has avoided talking in even the most basic terms about his religion.

While Romney doesn’t need to give a so-called “Mormon speech” like he did in 2007, he does need to find ways to talk about how his faith influences his life. Why? Because Romney has been someone deeply involved in the church for decades and it’s clear that his experience as a leader in that organization has influenced who he is and how he thinks about public service.


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Newly Released 1940 Census Excites Those Seeking Details of History

April 9, 2012

The Ledger (Florida)

In addition to the National Archives website, the individual records from the 1940 Census can be found online at www.familysearch.org, a free service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormon Church). A paid website, Ancestry.com, has been offering free access, but that ends today at midnight.

The Polk County Historical and Genealogical Library has a subscription to Ancestry.com and allows patrons access to its records at no charge. The Mormon church also offers free access to Ancestry.com at its Family History Centers in Lakeland and Lake Hamilton.


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