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MormonVoices Explains Mormon Positions on Government

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) August 31, 2012
MormonVoices has issued a new article that analyzes what various Mormon scriptures have to say about politics. The “Mormon Moment” has been largely driven by Mormons running for, or already holding, high government offices in the United States and elsewhere. Some commentators, whether dedicated critics or just curious observers, have popularized theories that Mormons in government could be inappropriately influenced or controlled by LDS church leadership. The MormonVoices article on government shows why these fears are unfounded.

“A lot of people just don’t realize that Mormon scripture is very rich and detailed, and covers a wide range of topics relevant to every day life,” said Scott Gordon, a Managing Director of MormonVoices. “Not everyone commenting or reporting on Mormon issues can be an expert on those scriptures or even read them all, so we decided it was very necessary to provide this overview regarding government. It puts to rest a lot of the questions that some people have been speculating and worrying about.”

John Lynch, another Managing Director of MormonVoices, added: “It’s been easy for some critics to take just one statement or one practice out of context and from that build a whole case about how Mormons supposedly can’t be trusted in high places. That’s simply not a responsible way to approach a body of scripture and practice that is much more complex and detailed than many people realize.”

“We hope this article will give journalists and others the tools to understand how Mormons regard government and civil power, instead of just relying on speculation built on thin evidence,” said Gordon.

The article can be found at MormonVoices.org, along with many other helpful resources from MormonVoices. Specific questions are welcome at email(at)mormonvoices(dot)org.


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