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MormonVoices statement re anti-Islam movie

MormonVoices strongly condemns the recent violence in Egypt, Libya, and several other countries that has been attributed to anger at the anti-Islam movie “Innocence of Muslims.” All people share a basic responsibility to respond humanely and rationally to ideas that conflict with their own. Respect for religious belief and freedom of speech are cornerstones of a just society. Violent retaliation against mere words and film is contrary to human decency and the teachings of revered religious leaders.

Religious intolerance that belittles, mocks, misrepresents, or disrespects the deeply-held beliefs and sacred tenets of others is unbecoming and counterproductive. Mormons regularly face such ideological attacks, and have specifically endured misinformation published by some of the same individuals behind “Innocence of Muslims.” Though the law may protect their right to so speak, they fail a higher moral responsibility by doing so. We encourage everyone to learn about the details of unfamiliar religions from respected, fair, and non-sensational sources.

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Mormon Defense League is now “Mormon Voices” and our new URL is www.mormonvoices.org. You have automatically been forwarded to our new website. Our mission is the same, but our emphasis will be to help members become involved in critical conversations online.