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17 November 2012

Historians excited after 19th century Mormon baptistry uncovered at Provo temple site

November 17, 2012

The Republic (Indiana)

Mormon church historians are hailing the unearthing of a 19th century baptistry at the site of the old Provo Tabernacle as a significant discovery.

The baptistry, with its 5-by-9-foot font, was built around 1875, said Benjamin Pykles, a curator of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints history department.

A team from Brigham Young University’s Office of Public Archaeology led by Rich Talbot found a portion of the walls of the baptistry and font as well as a water pipe and the foundation of a stove that heated the building and water.


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Romney’s run dispels fear about Mormons

November 16, 2012

Jackson Sun (Tennessee)

Stan Way, a Latter-day Saint from Jasper, Ala., had just finished dinner out with some Mormon missionaries when he noticed a car slowing as it approached.

The missionaries were wearing the traditional white shirts and dark ties that identify them as Latter-day Saints. It was about a month before Election Day, when voters would decide whether Republican Mitt Romney, the first Mormon major-party presidential nominee, would become the first Mormon president.

The driver stopped and lowered her car window. “Hey,” she said, “it’s a good time to be a Mormon!” Then she drove off.

“We stood there in shock,” Way said. “That usually doesn’t happen in Alabama.”


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Staten Island’s Mormons offer a few helping hands

November 17, 2012

Staten Island Advance (New York)

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are continuing with their relief efforts on Staten Island this Saturday and Sunday, despite the fact that many church members themselves have been impacted in adverse ways by Hurricane Sandy.

This weekend, Mormon Helping Hands expects to have another 500 to 700 volunteers — easily recognized by their yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests and T-shirts — working in New Dorp, Midland Beach, Oakwood and Great Kills, said Bishop David Glick who heads the Staten Island congregation.

“Aside from the weekends when we have had hundreds of volunteers, we have had 30 to 40 missionaries and members working in the various neighborhoods of Staten Island almost every day since the storm ended,” Bishop Glick said.


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Living History: Not in the movie: Brigham Young calls Lincoln a ‘cursed scoundrel’

November 17, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Lincoln became a lawyer in the eastern part of Illinois at the state at the same time Mormons established themselves in the western part. Young helped settle Mormon refugees in Nauvoo while church founder Joseph Smith was imprisoned in Missouri.

In 1844 — the year Smith launched a quixotic run for president of the United States — Lincoln campaigned for the Whig candidate, Henry Clay.

Neither candidate was successful. Clay lost to James K. Polk, and Smith was assassinated by a mob of Illinoisans inflamed by reports of sexual predation.


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Obama needs sherry in his cabinet

November 17, 2012

Jewish Chronicle

Mr Romney is a Mormon. And Mormons, following the doctrines and covenants revealed by God to Joseph Smith on February 27 1833, at Kirtland, Ohio, refrain from imbibing not just alcohol, but tea and coffee as well.

In finding fault with those proscriptions, I am not criticising either the Mormon religion or Mr Romney. I am merely affirming my devout belief that all three of those beverages are good and virtuous, and sometimes necessary. I side with the psalmist who said that “wine… maketh glad the heart of man”. I’d even side with Frank Sinatra, who said he felt sorry for teetotallers because when they get up in the morning, “that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day”.


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Now Hopoate looks to Japan

November 18, 2012

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

His manager, Tyran Smith, has revealed he is preparing to present a proposal to Hopoate’s Parramatta coach Ricky Stuart that would allow the former NSW State of Origin star a chance to get ”match fit” by playing Japanese rugby before he returns to rugby league from his Mormon mission in 2014.

Hopoate stunned the NRL when he took a two-year sabbatical to follow his religious vocation and preach from The Book of Mormon in south-east Queensland. However, he has been restricted in his efforts to keep NRL-ready by numerous religious restraints, one of which doesn’t allow him more than an hour a day to train.


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IRS should turn up heat on overly political churches

November 17, 2012

Buffalo News (New York)

The Internal Revenue Service has work to do. It has avoided investigating complaints of partisan political activity by churches, which has encouraged religious groups to endorse election candidates – overtly or tacitly – in defiance of their tax-exempt status. The IRS needs to start minding the store.

The violations – or the appearances of them – are bold. According to an Associated Press story, the pastor of an independent church in Texas posted a pre-election sign that read “Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim.” Republican Mitt Romney is a Mormon and while President Obama is a Christian, many opponents, either out of ignorance or a pathetic attempt to discredit him, insist he is a Muslim.


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Despite loss to Florida State, Tyler Haws shows how dangerous BYU can be

November 16, 2012

Sporting News AOL

Haws, a 6-5 guard, averaged 11.3 points per game as a freshman in 2009-10, then went on a two-year Mormon mission in the Philippines, where his game easily could have accumulated rust.

“I didn’t play that much on my mission–maybe once a week,” Haws said. “I tried to take it one step at a time when I got back, tried to get my strength in my body back. I feel really comfortable now. We’ve got to keep getting better–me, individually, and us as a team.”


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State’s top professor has ‘lived 2 lives, loved both’

November 17, 2012

Bellingham Herald (Washington)

What changed Fields from a young cowboy to an Asian expert who speaks fluent Mandarin? Religion.

“My dad still insists he’s an atheist, but I’m a stake president in the Mormon church and my brother is a Methodist minister. My dad likes to say he failed with both of us,” Fields said.

“What changed me the most was a Mormon mission to Taiwan. I knew nothing about Asia from high school, but in two years I fell in love with it. I learned to speak Mandarin.”


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Dayton Rice Project Feeds Families for Three Months

November 17, 2012

Carson City News (Nevada)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Dayton Ward, is hosting its second annual fundraiser and rice-canning event to help support the Dayton Food Pantry.
The Dayton Rice Project consists of a fundraiser to obtain the needed funds to purchase bulk rice and canning supplies. “Church and community members are encouraged to abstain from food for one or more meals and donate the money that would have been spent on food to support the project,” says Pam Neumeister, Dayton Ward Humanitarian Specialist.


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30 Seconds: Praise and criticism

November 17, 2012

New Philadelphia Times Reporter (Ohio)

I don’t think the American people have a problem with voting for biblical values but who the heck knows what’s in the Mormon Bible?


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Paying to Rebuild, and Rebuild Again

November 16, 2012

New York Times

On a bright and cold afternoon last week, I met Sergio Fonseca, a former engineer and math teacher, outside his modest brick house a little more than a block from the beach in Neponsit. As young Mormon volunteers from Pennsylvania were hauling his soaked possessions from his house (his 2004 tax returns were out on the lawn), he explained that he hoped to get some assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to replace a boiler and a stove, but that he wasn’t sure — given the constraints of his policy — that he’d be able to afford to fill in his basement and thus raise his house to a level where it would better withstand flooding.


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Notre Dame football: The Awakening: Te’o’s most profound impact may be the legacy that will follow

November 16, 2012

South Bend Tribune (Indiana)

There was the two-year Mormon Mission he deferred indefinitely, which if he had taken as planned in January of 2010, would have meant he’d be finishing his sophomore season right now.

There are the angels that look over him now, Grandpa and Grandma Santiago and girlfriend Lennay Kekua, all of whom passed in the past year and all of whom Te’o is convinced are walking stride for stride with him as his dreams continue to merge with reality.


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It’s not the age, it’s the miles for Western’s Cannon

November 17, 2012

Bellingham Herald (Washington)

During what should have been his sophomore year, Cannon left on what he expected to be a two-year mission to Buenos Ares, Argentina, for the Mormon Church.

“I was still running on my own down there, but I started to get some stomach pains and got really sick,” Cannon said.

The pain persisted for about two months and continued to get worse.


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Greg Hansen: Short of blizzardy, icy conditions, Cats shouldn’t have problem with weather

November 17, 2012

Arizona Daily Star

Utah scored four touchdowns in the final 12:28, winning 28-27, which was then the greatest fourth-quarter comeback in NCAA history. It was called the Miracle of the Seagulls II, as hundreds of gulls (named the state bird for saving Mormon pioneers’ crops by eating insects) invaded the bleachers after fans left.


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