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5 December 2012

Mormonism in the News: Getting It Right | December 5
December 5, 2012


Today’s edition of “Getting It Right” features stories that detail how Mormons continue to help Hurricane Sandy victims, and a news segment that says Mormons welcome opportunities to explain their faith to the public.


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Keeping the Faith 6a: A Household of Partial Faith, pt 1
December 5, 2012


How can we help activate less-active family members and friends? What happens when we can’t? What does a person do when a spouse leaves the Church? How can we maintain our faith when those closest to us are losing theirs? In this interview, we hear from a woman who grew up with a less-active father. After she was married in the temple, her husband too became less-active, and eventually had his name removed from the records of the Church. She discusses her experience with these family members and what she has done to retain her faith in the gospel.


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Keeping the Faith 6b: A Household of Partial Faith, pt 2
December 5, 2012


This is the second part of a two-part episode.


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Top Mormon church posts dominated by registered Republicans
December 5, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

The LDS Church has taken great pains to stress its political neutrality, particularly after Republican Mitt Romney became the first Mormon to head a major-party ticket.

But that doesn’t mean the faith’s leaders are personally nonpartisan — far from it.

Eleven of the 15 apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — including LDS President Thomas S. Monson — are registered Republicans, according to public records obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune.

The other four did not affiliate with any political party when they registered to vote and none of them voted in this year’s Democratic primary. All 15 voted this November.


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Romney, Who Defended ‘Right’ to In-Room Porn at Mormon-Run Hotel Chain Marriott, Back on Board
December 5, 2012

Christian News Network

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has confirmed that he is back on the board of Marriott International, Inc., a position he held prior to his bid for office in 2011, where he had come under fire for the company’s sale of pornography in its hotel rooms.

According to reports, Mitt Romney, whose full name is Willard Mitt Romney, was named after the founder of the company, John Willard Marriott. The Marriotts are devout Mormons, and have been friends with the Romney family for decades, especially Mitt Romney’s father George.


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Donny & Marie Warm Up Pantages Theatre For the Holidays
December 5, 2012

Frontiers L.A. (California)

Before my obsession with Star Wars began on Oct. 1, 1977, my other obsession was The Donny & Marie Show. Every Friday night I was glued to the TV to watch the family-friendly variety show starring Mormon wunderkinds Donny Osmond and his sister Marie. I knew the format of the show so well I could time when each segment would begin and end. I knew musical arrangements of certain classic songs (“I’m a Little Bit Country, I’m a Little Bit Rock ‘N’ Roll”), I read fan magazines to know more and more about them, and their album, “I’m Leaving It All Up To You” (with a cover photo of an open locket with their faces on each of the sides), was the first album I ever bought with my own money.


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Preparing to perform
December 5, 2012

Cody Enterprise (Wyoming)

Members of the Cody Music Club sing together as they practice recently for their Silver Tea musical program at the Mormon church, 1407 Heart Mountain St. The event is a fundraiser for scholarships for high school students and will be Friday, Dec. 14, at United Methodist Church.


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12-05-12 For Christians Only!!!
December 5, 2012

The Shopper (Illinois)

There are several things God has shown us about ourselves and our relationship to Him through this and the 2008 election of our president. One is our heart is dangerously far from Him. This truth is clearly seen when the Billy Graham Organization decided to removed the Mormon Church from its list of non-Christian churches in an attempt to trick unsuspecting Christians to believe that a vote for Romney is a vote for Christianity.

The Mormon Church does not follow the teachings of Jesus and His apostles as recorded in the Bible. Mormons have written their own bible to live by that is contrary to the Word of God. Its major lie is that Jesus birth was not incarnate, but resulted from a physical sexual relationship between God (who at the time was human) and Mary. They also teach that Satan is Jesus’ biological brother, making him God’s son. Scripture teaches that Jesus existed before the world was created, His conception was supernatural, and that He alone is the only begotten son of God. Satan is a created angelic being who lost his position in heaven when he led a revolted against God.


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Young Gay Jewish Men Sue JONAH over Conversion Methods
December 5, 2012

Jewish Voice

Four young men – one of whom claims to be an Orthodox Jew – who identify themselves as gay, and two of their mothers, filed a lawsuit this week against a New Jersey conversion therapy group that claims to rid men of same-gender attractions and turn them straight.

Three of the men at the news conference are Jewish, and the fourth is a Mormon now living in Salt Lake City, who was a college student in New York when he signed up for the therapeutic services, the AP reported.


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Musicians join forces to celebrate season
December 5, 2012

Lakewood Sentinel (Colorado)

The Lakewood Stake Choir (about 100 singers from eight different Mormon wards in the Lakewood area), directed by Joel Hillan, the Lakewood Symphony Orchestra, directed by Matthew Switzer, and the Rocky Mountain Ringers, directed by Jeffrey Harms, will perform at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The concert will be at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 6465 W. Jewell Ave., Lakewood. Admission is free, however the audience is invited to donate unwrapped gifts for children ages 1-12 to benefit the Action Center’s Santa Shop. The general public is invited to attend.


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Israel Keyes told investigator he let his first victim go
December 5, 2012

Kansas City Star (Missouri)

An article posted Tuesday on a blog of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit that investigates hate groups, cited unnamed sources in giving a brief biography of Keyes. The article said that he was born in Utah to Mormon parents and grew up in rural Stevens County, Wash.

His neighbors growing up were Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe, racist brothers, the article said. Chevie Kehoe is in prison serving three life sentences for the kidnapping and murder of a gun dealer and his family, according to news reports.

Bell said Keyes never said he was Mormon. Investigators haven’t confirmed his religious upbringing, Goeden said.


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Why Social Courage Should Be Taught in the Classroom
December 5, 2012

Huffington Post

We might take a hint from the Mormon community, which sends young men off to practice speaking to strangers by encouraging them to join their Church. If you take the religious part out, you’re left with a degree program in social courage.


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Allegiant to launch Mesa-Provo flight
December 5, 2012

Phoenix Business Journal (Arizona)

Provo is the home of Brigham Young University. Provo and Mesa are two of the larger Mormon population centers in the country.


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First Thoughts: Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em
December 5, 2012

NBC News

The first openly bisexual member of Congress, Sinema — who served as an Arizona state house member and senator — can also boast leading a 2006 effort to defeat a same-sex marriage ban ballot initiative in Arizona. The 36-year-old social worker, who once quipped that she’s a ‘Prada socialist’ in a magazine interview, jousted with Gov. Jan Brewer on education issues during her tenure in the legislature, warranting a hefty contribution from the governor’s political action committee to Sinema’s opponents. Education policy, jobs, and addressing foreclosures will be her top priorities as a federal lawmaker. Sinema’s spokesman recently told The New York Times that the new congresswoman, who was raised a Mormon, supports a ‘secular approach’ to government.”


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Michigan State gets another close look at top recruit Jabari Parker
December 5, 2012

Detroit News (Michigan)

Parker, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, made headlines last week when he announced he would attend college in the fall and not go on a Mormon mission.

“I’m going to college my first year, but there’s still an opportunity to leave at 19, if you want to,” Parker told the Chicago Tribune.


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