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11 January 2013

Majestic series lands ‘Book of Mormon’

January 11, 2013

San Antonio Express News (Texas)

“The Book of Mormon,” which is breaking box-office records across the country, is heading to San Antonio in just a few months.
The Tony-winning musical will kick off the 2013-14 season of the Broadway in San Antonio series at the Majestic Theatre.


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Mormons believe The Book of Mormon to be a second witness of Jesus Christ

January 11, 2013

Anderson Independent Mail (South Carolina)

embers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe the Bible to be the word of God, and we also accept the Book of Mormon as the word of God and a second witness of our savior, Jesus Christ. Why do we need a second witness of the Savior? Isn’t the Bible enough?

Should we suppose that just because we have the New Testament that we have no need for the Old Testament? Should we suppose that the Bible contains every dealing God had with all of his children? Are the heavens sealed? Did the Savior not say that we should live by every word that proceeds forth from the mouth of God?


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Perfection is goal for Mormon temple in Gilbert

January 11, 2013

Arizona Republic

About 40,000 visitors have come to the Gilbert Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple site at Pecos and Greenfield roads since a visitor center was set up inside a trailer in fall 2011.

Most have the same question: When will the temple open?

The answer from temple service missionaries Wayne and Pat Miller: We don’t know.

“The final product and the quality are more important than the time line,” project manager Bret Woods said. “It’s a very elaborate process and there’s a lot of detail that’s involved. It has to be perfect.”


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Five free things to do in Salt Lake City area

January 12, 2013

Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia)

Utah’s most-visited landmark, the granite-towered Temple Square invokes the mystery of Mormonism. The square is open every day of the year from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and free tours are available in 30 different languages. Female church missionaries are happy to answer any questions.

The temple — built over 40 years from 1853 to 1893 — is closed except to all but the most devoted churchgoers with a wallet pass. The temple is considered sacred to church members. At the Family History Library, genealogists will help you track down your family roots free of charge. The gardens within the square feature 250 flower beds with more than 700 different types of plants. They are redesigned every six months.


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Sidebar: Selections from the new ‘Jefferson Bible’

January 11, 2013

Religion News Service

The American Humanist Association’s new version of the “Jefferson Bible” contains what editors found to be the “best” and the “worst” of other sacred scriptures and revered texts.

Here are some examples from the “best” category:

The Book of Mormon: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (2 Nephi 15:20)


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Jodi Arias Trial Update: Prosecution presents testimony to prove Arias, who killed ex-boyfriend, is a pathological liar

January 11, 2013

CBS News

The reversal shows a level of suffering for Alexander and could increase the severity of punishment for Arias who is facing the death penalty. Arias’ attorneys have admitted she committed the crime in self-defense. They say she killed Alexander, a devout Mormon, because he was abusive, controlling and a sexual deviant in his relationship with Arias.


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Afghan battle hero Clinton Romesha to receive Medal of Honor

January 11, 2013

NBC News

Eight soldiers were killed in the battle, chronicled in the book “The Outpost,” by journalist Jake Tapper, who described Romesha as “an intense guy, short and wiry,” the son of a Mormon church leader who had attended seminary before joining the military.


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Missing 13-year-old Utah girl found unharmed

January 11, 2013

Stamford Advocate (Connecticut)

Several hundred volunteers dressed for the cold showed up at a Mormon meetinghouse Thursday to help search for a 13-year-old Utah girl who went missing without her shoes, coat or cellphone.


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The Restoration of America

January 11, 2013

Religion News Service

What Graham did was point to its religious character. In the latest issue of Religion in the News, I make the case that contemporary Republican restorationism derives from the restorationist ideology of both evangelicalism and Mormonism-and that the increased identification of both religious traditions with the GOP over the past 30 years cannot otherwise be explained.


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Exclusive: Tammy Reid to keep Philadelphia ties after Eagles, eager to ‘jump into’ life in Kansas City

January 11, 2013

Montgomery News (Pennsylvania)

Strict Mormons – they never drink alcohol or watch R-rated movies – the Reids joined a Broomall church soon after their arrival in Philly. As Special Stake Missionaries, the couple spoke about “Family, Faith and Football” in members’ homes and Tammy served as president of the Young Women’s Organization, for 12- to 18-year-olds. At Tammy’s suggestion, Andy once led the visiting Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the Eagles’ Fight Song at the Mann Music Center. His appearance brought down the house.

When the ward’s boundaries changed, the family switched to the church in Philly.

She became an advisor to the Young Women’s group, leading Sunday Gospel teachings at least once a month and attending as many of the group’s Tuesday night meetings as her schedule allowed.


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Ryan Gosling tells all about the love of his life (his dog, George)

January 11, 2013

The Independent (United Kingdom)

Gosling’s hero worship of crime fighter Dick Tracy is poignant, considering an incident in his childhood. When he was in first grade at his home in Ontario, Canada, and having been mesmerised by the film First Blood, the boy took some steak knives to school and threw them at his classmates. He was suspended. His early years sound lonely – he’s said he didn’t have any friends at school, and was home-schooled by his Mormon parents for a while. Mormonism, he’s said in the past, affected everything when he was a child. He dropped out of school again, aged 17, to take up acting full time.


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Health officials report flu spike

January 11, 2013

Janesville Gazette (Wisconsin)

Most people don’t undergo lab tests to confirm flu, and the symptoms are so similar that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish flu from other viruses, or even a cold. Over the holidays, 250 people were sickened at a Mormon missionary training center in Utah, but the culprit turned out to be a norovirus, not the flu.


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Nationwide impact of the flu

January 11, 2013

Medina Gazette (Ohio)

Over the holidays, 250 people were sickened at a Mormon missionary training center in Utah, but the culprit turned out to be a norovirus, not the flu.


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Q&A: Dr. Cynthia Wachtell on car accidents and U.S. presidents

January 11, 2013


Mitt Romney was in a deadly accident when he was twenty-one years old. He was serving as a Mormon missionary in France and he was the driver of a car in a head-on collision. He was driving a Citroen VS which at that point may or may not have had seat belts in the front seat. They weren’t mandatory until that year. There were six people riding in a five-passenger car, which meant that the person in the middle of the front passenger seat definitely couldn’t have been wearing a seat belt, and that’s who died in the accident. Her name was Liona Anderson. And she was the wife of the head of the missionary, the mission’s president. The mission’s president was injured. Mitt Romney himself was injured. He suffered a broken arm, and broken ribs, and a concussion and some facial injuries.


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