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17 January 2013

‘Book of Mormon’ Minneapolis tickets to be sold in daily lottery
January 17, 2013

Twin Cities Pioneer Press (Minnesota)

Bummed you didn’t get tickets to the musical, “The Book of Mormon,” before they vanished? You still have a latter-day opportunity.

Like the sold-out Broadway production of “Book,” the touring show coming to Minneapolis’ Orpheum will hold a daily lottery. At each performance, Feb. 5-17, a limited number of tickets will be sold for $25 (cash only) at the theater, beginning 2.5 hours before showtime. Theatergoers will enter their names in a drawing, which will happen two hours before curtain and which draws huge crowds in New York.


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The Mormon James Frey
January 17, 2013


This is not a story about Manti Te’o. He is, after all, a 21 year-old kid caught up in something–a cruel and elaborate hoax? a fabrication?–that no one yet seems to have a total grip on. Yet.

This is a story about a man named Paul H. Dunn.

Paul H. Dunn was a high-ranking leader in the LDS Church during the 1970s and 1980s. He gave public talks, as LDS Church leaders are expected to do, and wrote over fifty books.


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Famous Mormon Fictionalizes Life Stories
January 17, 2013

Religion Dispatches

Stories like these made Paul H. Dunn one of the best-loved motivational speakers in the world of Mormonism.

Until it was discovered that many of the stories were not true.

Dunn had never played for the Cardinals. Harold Lester Brown was alive in Missouri. And lots of men from the Second Battalion made it home alive.

At first, Dunn defended his fabrications by comparing the stories to Jesus’ parables. Eventually, though, he apologized to the Mormon people in the Church-owned Deseret News.


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Thursday Religion News Roundup: Gun prayers * Inauguration Bibles * Mormon feminists
January 17, 2013

Religion News Service

Mormon feminists have launched a letter-writing campaign to LDS leaders called “Let Women Pray in General Conference.” The group notes that a woman has never given the opening or closing prayer at that conference.


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Humanist ‘Bible’ takes on Book of Mormon
January 17, 2013

World Net Daily

Thomas Jefferson is back in Washington — in the form of a new edition of the “Jefferson Bible” distributed to politicians by a national humanist organization.

The American Humanist Association has delivered electronic and paperback copies of Jefferson’s highly edited version of the Gospels to all incoming members of Congress and to President Barack Obama.


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Te’o’s mostly Mormon hometown supports Notre Dame football star in light of hoax revelations
January 17, 2013

Standard Examiner (Utah)

But members of the mostly Mormon community, a town of about 6,000 people about an hour’s drive from Honolulu that is home to a small satellite campus of Hawaii’s Brigham Young University, said they were dumbfounded, and didn’t believe he would have knowingly perpetrated such a story.

Lokelani Kaiahua said Te’o’s parents were her classmates, and she knew them to have strong family values they instilled in their children.


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Are indie films just expensive blogs?
January 17, 2013

The Guardian

This will be my 23rd Sundance. Over that time, I have watched Robert Redford’s festival grow to a point where more than 12,000 films are submitted each year, and the media are everywhere – though mostly looking for Hollywood types briefly vacationing in gun-friendly, anti-abortion, Mormon Utah. The success and spillover of films has led to more indie festivals than you can count, including SXSW, Traverse City (Michael Moore’s shindig on Lake Michigan), CineVegas, founded by a Sundance programmer and for a spell chaired by Dennis Hopper, even a Latter Day Saints film festival in Orem, a Mormon stronghold, which unspools simultaneously with Sundance’s bacchanal.


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Do Not Call Ira Glass Quirky
January 17, 2013

College Times

I mean, a lot do. It’s so common it’s impossible to just name one guest. Sometimes the most surprising thing is that the interview works out. There was this one (“Benny Takes a Jet”) that I did a year ago with this guy named Benny who was a Mormon who grew up in Utah…and he was gay, but he wasn’t letting himself know that he was gay because he was a devout Mormon. So, he was choosing to believe he was a straight guy who had these weird feelings sometimes. He developed a crush on this really pretty 18-year-old boy and chased him to South America when that boy went out on his Mormon mission, thinking the boy might feel the same way, which is totally delusional, then revealed his feelings to the boy and when the boy rejected them realized, “Right, I’m gay.”


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Dan the (Not Mad) Man
January 19, 2013

The Economist

After winning the account of Sara Lee, a food giant, the Edelman company went on to create image-making campaigns for causes as varied as bowling, the Concorde supersonic plane, Starbucks, the Mormon church, and indeed The Economist. More controversially, Edelman advised the tobacco industry in the 1980s as it grappled with growing public unease over the poisonous effects of passive smoking.


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