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2 April 2013

A successful mission

April 2, 2013

The Economist

One can understand the initial concerns. The show, about a pair of hapless missionaries spreading the word of God in Uganda, is a skewering of the Mormon faith, a Christian denomination founded in 19th-century America which has relatively little exposure on these shores. British critics have pointed out that the show is consistently crude, with racial stereotypes that might be politely described as “broad”. And, bearing in mind that many Brits are schmaltz-intolerant, it is saccharine in the extreme.

Despite these objections (or, perhaps, because of them) “The Book of Mormon” is succeeding. Primarily, the production has enough wit and chutzpah, particularly in Robert Lopez’s songs, to pull it off. Who could sit stony-faced through the missionaries’ extravagantly camp rendition of “Turn It Off”, a number about repressing homosexual urges, or “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream”, where a guilty acolyte shares a reluctant dance with Hitler and some familiar green-and-white coffee cups?


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‘Book of Mormon’ offensive

April 2, 2013

Tribune-Review (Pennsylvania)

The language was atrocious, including repeated use of an obscenity. There were girls getting female circumcisions and Jesus Christ being ridiculed and called an epithet. The young men who were Mormon disciples were alluded to as being gay.

This play is absolutely horrific and I am deeply offended. I’m sure Mormons, blacks and Christians also were offended.


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Coming soon: A Mormon temple in Rome

April 2, 2013

Global Post

The world’s focus turned to the Catholic Church last month, when Catholics filled St. Peter’s Square to witness Pope Francis’ inauguration. But just a few miles away, Italians are building a tribute to a different sect.

Italy, known for its strong Catholic presence, is also home to nearly 25,000 Mormons. And just eight miles from the Vatican, a Mormon temple is being built–the first in the city, the first in Italy, and the first in the Mediterranean region.

Italian Mormons already gather at numerous chapels for Sunday worship, but a temple is something different. “It’s literally heaven on earth,” said Clay Lacey, a 20-year-old Mormon from California.

Like many Mormons his age, Lacey is a missionary, and he has been in Italy for almost two years. He said that according to Mormon belief, a temple is a link between earth and the afterlife. “The whole point of the temples is to seal us for eternity with our families, to really connect us, because one thing that’s inevitable in life is death,” he said. “The temple kind of gives us an eternal perspective of things.”


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Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Pope’s Lung * Mormon Beards * Jabba’s Hut

April 2, 2013

Religion News Service

The Salt Lake City Tribune asks LDS writers to come up with a list of their favorite Mormon books, from novels, to history to theology.

And here’s how the Mormons lost their beards. (With his whiskers, even Brigham Young would not be allowed to serve in a temple today.)


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Public invited to tour new Mormon Church in Fairfield

April 2, 2013

Cypress Creek Mirror (Texas)

The public is invited to tour the newly completed Fairfield Chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The bishops of the two congregations that will occupy the meetinghouse announced that an open house is slated for Saturday, April 13, with tours of the facility from 1-4 p.m. The church is located at 21521 Fairfield Place Dr. near the outlet mall and Salyards Middle School.

“Everyone is welcome,” said Marc Calvert, bishop of the Fairfield Ward. “We are excited to open the doors of this beautiful meetinghouse to the community. The open house will be an opportunity for our friends and neighbors to see our new building and how we worship.”


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Mormon Beard Rule: Brigham Young And Jesus Christ Would Break No Facial Hair Policy

April 2, 2013

Huffington Post

If they were alive today, nearly half the presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — from Brigham Young in the 19th century through George Albert Smith in the 1940s — would be forbidden from serving in the faith’s 141 temples worldwide.

That’s because being clean-shaven is generally a requirement for men to be Mormon temple workers. Whiskers are fine for temple-going members, but even nicely trimmed beards and mustaches are no-nos for temple workers.

“It is ironic that temple workers are expected to be more clean-shaven than the deity figures — God and Jesus Christ — portrayed in LDS films and portraits,” says Armand Mauss, a leading Mormon sociologist in Irvine, Calif.


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Dating app used by college students for hook-ups finds unlikely following among ultra-religious young Mormons

April 2, 2013

Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

Tinder, the hook-up app, has gained a huge following among college students since its launch last fall. Now it’s finding a more unlikely audience: Mormons.

According to The Universe, Brigham Young University’s student newspaper, the free iPhone app is spreading through the college like wildfire.

Some have labeled Tinder the ‘female Grindr’ because it works in a similar way as the gay dating app. So why is it so popular among an ultra-religious student body where more than 20per cent of the student body is married by graduation?

Perhaps the app appeals to Mormons because it also has a clean-cut, polite image.

The app works like virtual speed dating meets ‘Hot or Not’: It uses Facebook profiles to pair users up with matches within their geographical area, rating them based on shared friends, interests, and networks.


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Mormons launch online push to ordain women to the priesthood

April 2, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Thanks to social media, the first organized push to open up the LDS Church’s all-male priesthood to women is attracting attention from a range of grass-roots Mormons.

The budding movement, known as Ordain Women, created a website on which it posted personal profiles of church members — including a current LDS bishop — who describe their lives, commitment to the Utah-based faith and reasons for wanting women to hold the priesthood.


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April Temple Square performances scheduled

April 3, 2013

Herald Journal (Utah)

April brings a great array of events on Temple Square, with performances in the Assembly Hall, and the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

All events are free and are open to ages 8 and older.

– Wednesday, April 10 — British organist Simon Johnson will present an organ recital in the Salt Lake Tabernacle at 7:30 p.m. This concert is co-sponsored by the Salt Lake City Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. Johnson is the organist and assistant director of music at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, where he presides over the five-manual Willis/Mander organ. His April 10 recital will include Elgar’s Sonata no. 1 in G Major, op. 28; Wammes’ Miroir; and Dupre’s Three Preludes and Fugues, op. 7. Tickets are not needed for this concert.


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