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15 July 2013

‘Book of Mormon’ adding five more weeks to Pantages Theatre stop

July 15, 2013

Los Angeles Times (California)

“The Book of Mormon” has added five more weeks to its return engagement to the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. A touring Broadway production of the hit musical from the creators of “South Park” is scheduled to run at the Pantages from Jan. 21 to March 16.


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Member of ‘Black 14’ recalls showdown over BYU, Mormon racial policy

July 15, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

On the same evening that the George Zimmerman verdict came down in the Trayvon Martin case, Mel Hamilton was in Provo, describing to an eager crowd his experience 44 years ago as a black football player protesting Mormonism’s former priesthood ban.

In 1969, Hamilton was one of the so-called “Black 14” — African-American players on the University of Wyoming’s football team — who planned to wear black armbands in their game against LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University to symbolize their opposition to the Utah-based faith’s policy (discarded in 1978) of excluding black men from holding its all-male priesthood.


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Samuel Brannan: the Mormon leader in California matched wits with Brigham Young

July 15, 2013

Ogden Standard Examiner (Utah)

Samuel Brannan is unique among Mormon historical figures because his role goes beyond his contribution to Mormonism. Brannan (1818-1889) was trusted enough to lead a Mormon colony on a very long sail from the east coast to what is now San Francisco. The ship, The Brooklyn, stopped in Hawaii. While in California, gold was discovered, and Sam Brannan made a public announcement of the find.

It was gold which led to Brannan’s disassociation from the Mormon Church, and being officially severed from the church in 1851. Once gold was discovered, Brannan became very eager to collect tithes. (Until then, Brannan had overseen the colony of Mormons in a less than pious manner, without organizing a branch, causing one of his party to complain to church leaders that the colony was “acting in the same manner as their neighbors … speculating in land, drinking, gambling, and giving their daughters in marriage to non-Mormons.”


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Website aims to help Mormon missionaries

July 15, 2013

Lewiston Tribune (Idaho)

When Alex Balinski prepared for his Mormon mission to Argentina five years ago, he went to the library and rented a few documentaries to learn more about the South American county where he would be spending the next two years.

Today’s young Mormons – like 18-year-old Jake Townsend – however, are much more likely to pull out their iPads or laptops and scour the Web to learn about their mission countries.


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July 15, 2013


A Weber State University professor suspects that the school’s decision to not rehire him was because he spoke out against the naming of a new family center after Mormon apostle Boyd K. Packer (above).


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Canned for Speaking Out?

July 15, 2013

Inside Higher Ed

It’s not unheard-of for a college to tell a faculty member partway through a probationary period before tenure that things just aren’t working out. And that may well be why Weber State University failed to rehire Jared Lisonbee, a professor of child and family studies. But the timing of his termination – after he and his wife spoke out against plans to name a new family program after a Mormon leader who has expressed controversial views on gays, women and intellectuals – has raised suspicion about what motivated the decision.

“Because there was no discussion or justification given for the decision not to renew my contract, I can only speculate,” said Lisonbee, who recently completed his second year on the tenure track at Weber State. But because his department chair’s behavior became “hostile” following his speaking out against the naming of the center, Lisonbee said the decision was “likely” related to his comments.


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Law Brings Baseball Golden Age Stories to Batavia

July 15, 2013

WBTA (New York)

Law, who has stood by the principles of his Mormon faith his entire life and passionately asserts its importance in his career, says this might have been where some divine intervention stepped in. A lawyer in the stands watching the game turned out to be a very good friend of Bing Crosby. The performer had a big interest in the Pittsburgh Pirates (he was part-owner from 1946 until his death) and the lawyer told Crosby to send a scout to Meridian.


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Marie Osmond is daring as Donny rests his derriere

July 15, 2013

Las Vegas Sun (Nevada)

This act could be billed as the “M&M&M” show (Marie, Merrill, Mormon). The plan is for Merrill to be in the show through the end of this month, and another possible singer (yet to be specified) is being considered to pinch-hit for Donny.


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Butkus, Lombardi Watch Lists Announced

July 15, 2013

UCLA Bruins (California)

Su’a-Filo, a true junior, is also up for the Lombardi Award. He was a starter in all 14 games at left guard in 2012, serving as the team’s offensive co-captain. He also saw action at left tackle during the year. He was instrumental in helping pave the way for running back Johnathan Franklin, who set new school records for career and single-season rushing in 2012. Su’a-Filo was named a second-team All-American by Fox Sports NEXT, also garnering third-team honors from the Associated Press and CBSSports.com. He started all 13 games as a freshman in 2009 before going on a two-year Mormon mission.


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Jeff Baker: gay marriage, author Orson Scott Card and the boycott of ‘Ender’s Game’

July 15, 2013

The Oregonian

On the other side, those who support a boycott note that Card’s writing go beyond opposition to gay marriage to advocate revolution against the government and “dictator judges” if it becomes legal. “I will act I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage,” Card wrote in 2008. In a 1990 essay, Card wrote that laws against homosexual acts should “remain on the books, not to be indiscriminately enforced against anyone who happens to be caught violating them, but to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society’s regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society.” In 2003, he said he didn’t mean it, and anyway, he was writing for a conservative Mormon audience.)


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Right Wing Leftovers – 7/15/13

July 15, 2013

Right Wing Watch

Jerome Corsi says that Mitt Romney lost the election because the media kept mentioning his Mormon faith but “neglected to mention the polygamy at the heart of Barack Obama’s life story.”


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