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26 September 2013

FairMormon Frameworks 4: Brian Hales Polygamy

September 25, 2013

FairMormon Blog

We sit down with Brian Hales, LDS author of “Joseph Smith’s Polygamy.” We ask him the hard questions fast and furious and he does a great job answering them. We discuss polygamy, polyandry, and Joseph’s withholding the knowledge of the practice from the public and even the general membership. Brian handles every question that is thrown at him. This is a must listen for every person who struggles with polygamy and polyandry.

The opinions expressed in this podcast and in the referenced books, presentations, podcasts and articles do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or of FairMormon.


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See priesthood session in PJs? Not so fast, Mormon brethren

September 26, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Just because next week’s general priesthood session will be broadcast live, doesn’t mean Mormon leaders want fathers and sons to watch the meeting in their PJs at home while munching on popcorn.

No, they would rather have them go in white shirts and ties to their local LDS meetinghouses to view the proceedings by satellite — just like they have done for decades.

“Priesthood holders [most Mormon men and boys over age 12] are encouraged to attend the general priesthood meeting in their local chapel,” says a letter to be read to all local LDS priesthood quorum meetings Sunday. “The Saturday evening broadcast at meetinghouses represents an important tradition and is an especially uplifting experience for young men.”


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LDS church to broadcast priesthood session on BYUtv and Internet

September 25, 2013

Provo Daily Herald (Utah)

For the first time ever, LDS church members will be able to watch the priesthood session of general conference from the comfort of their own home via television or the internet.

On Tuesday, the LDS Church announced that the session that traditionally has been beamed to stake centers around the world through the church’s satellite system will now air over the web through the church’s official websites and on the church-owned TV network BYUtv.


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Ordain Women: ‘This is not the final solution’

September 24, 2013

The Universe (Utah)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that the priesthood session of its annual general conference will be broadcast live for the first time, available on LDS.org, the Mormon Channel and BYUtv.

Tickets to the priesthood meeting will not be made available to women.

Leaders of Ordain Women, a group seeking priesthood ordination for women, requested tickets to the priesthood session in a formal letter to the Church. Several women also requested tickets from their local leaders but were denied, according to Ordain Women’s press release.


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Photo Slideshow: A day in the life of a Mormon missionary

September 26, 2013

Religion News Service

While carrying out their mission, Mormon missionaries spend time studying, teaching and spreading their message door-to-door with strangers. See what an average day on a mission looks like for two women called to carry out their mission in Independence, Mo.


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Men-only Mormon conference session to be broadcast

September 26, 2013

Appeal-Democrat (California)

A Mormon church conference session next month that’s previously been limited to men will be broadcast live for all to watch for the first time.

But a group of LDS women advocating for complete gender equality say that’s still not enough. They say they’ll still carry out their plan to stand outside and ask to be let in the Oct. 5 session.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Tuesday the priesthood session during the first day of the conference in Salt Lake City would be available on channels and online, including LDS.org, the Mormon Channel and BYUtv. The conference is Oct. 5-6.

Church officials say the move aims to make the meeting, held during the twice-yearly general conference, accessible to members around the globe. The session is reserved for members of the priesthood, which includes most males in the church 12 years old and older. Session broadcasts were previously password-protected.


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Wayne “Wing” Sermon of Imagine Dragons on Being a Mormon Rock Star

September 26, 2013

Dallas Observer (Texas)

Even though Imagine Dragons have been playing music for a little over four years, the band’s meteoric rise to the top of the charts seems to have occurred over a much shorter time. Hailing from Las Vegas, the band consists of four Mormons who unapologetically play infectious, radio-friendly alternative rock.

From a tour stop in Sante Fe and in anticipation of shows Friday and Saturday night at the South Side Ballroom, guitarist Wayne “Wing” Sermon was kind enough to talk to DC9 about how his Mormon faith jibes with the rock and roll lifestyle and the reasons behind his band’s relatively quick path to success.


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Report: Utah football players mock Mormon baptism in a video

September 26, 2013

Campus Reform

A video has emerged of University of Utah (U of U) football players performing what appeared to be a mock baptism during the run up to a game with their rival, the Mormon school Brigham Young University (BYU).

The August 23 video shows one athlete dunking another in a cool-down tub in a fashion that appears to intentionally mimic a Baptism.


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Mormon movie star visits USU campus

September 26, 2013

Utah Statesman

Heybourne said to make big goals and then small, achievable, realistic goals. He wanted to be an actor, so after doing films and commercials for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utah, he and his wife moved to Los Angeles with their son.

The big goal was being an actor, Heybourne said. The small achievable goals were moving to Los Angeles, becoming a member of the acting guild and getting an agent. Heybourne told students to make sure when they achieve goals, they keep moving forward and celebrate little victories on the path to achieving goals.


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In historic first, Mormon conference to be telecast live, but women not invited

September 25, 2013

Columbus Republic (Indiana)

In a historic change, the Mormon church for the first time will telecast its general priesthood session live, but women still won’t be allowed to attend the session itself.

The all-male priesthood session has been off-limits to women, even wives of presidents and apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Traditionally, it has been the only one of the five sessions of the Semiannual General Conference broadcast only to Mormon chapels and not publicly available.


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Not All Mormons Are Haters

September 25, 2013

Salt Lake City Weekly

I was raised Mormon, went on a mission, traveled the world and met my husband/ partner, also a returned missionary, in Seattle. We were both raised in Utah, but had lived for years in Seattle, a very liberal town. We came home to be closer to family and aging parents, and as we have lived here, we moved from downtown to Holladay; now we are in Cottonwood Heights, just a stone’s throw from Sandy.

I was a little worried that the “gay couple” would be a bit of the outcasts on our duplex cul-de-sac. Well, let me say that we hit the jackpot: Mormon/non-Mormon neighbors with smiles, and help, as well as encouragement, openness and invitations by them, and even our local home teachers, to come visit church. No pressure to change, no backs turned, no shooing their children away from the weirdo sinners. Just connection, care and engagement–you know, just being good neighbors. We could call on them for help, and we have. And they invite us, with no agenda, to family parties, neighborhood shindigs and just to hang out on our front porches to chat.


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Kirby: Faith in spouse makes split-faith marriage work

September 26, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)

Here are the basics: My wife and I were raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We served LDS missions to South America, where we met. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple. We raised our children in the church. Over the years, we held any number of important LDS church callings.

Fifteen years ago–after a lot of study, deep introspection, and prayer–my wife joined another church. No one knows better than me the staggering amount of thought she put into her decision. If anything, her personal standards today are as high or higher than they were when she was LDS.

Today, she’s a “mainstream Christian.” Because I’m still Mormon, I have no idea what that means other than we don’t go to the same church now.


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