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7 October 2014

‘Courts have spoken’ on gay marriage, says Mormon church

7 Oct 2014

The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah’s predominant religion, which has opposed same-sex marriage
for decades, now acknowledges the issue is largely settled.

“As far as the civil law is concerned,” The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints announced Monday afternoon, “the courts have


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‘American Idol’ Star David Archuleta Releases New Single For Mormon Documentary

7 Oct 2014

Headlines & Global News

David Archuleta went on hiatus from his music career to volunteer
as a Mormon missionary, and he returned to add his vocals on a new
song for the upcoming Mormon documentary “Meet the Mormons.”

Archuleta, a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints (LDS), sings the song “Glorious” for the film,
according to The Huffington Post. A music video has the “American
Idol” star singing in a recording studio cut between scenes of
people across the world.


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Mormon church’s History Museum closing for a year

7 Oct 2014

The Salt Lake Tribune

Just as Christ is at the center of the LDS faith, so, too, do
Mormon leaders want him at the center of a renovated museum.

The 30-year-old Church History Museum west of Temple Square in
downtown Salt Lake City will close its doors Oct. 6 — after LDS
General Conference — to undergo a yearlong makeover of its main

The change is planned to give greater emphasis to Jesus Christ and
the so-called first vision of the Lord by Mormon founder Joseph
Smith amid more immersive exhibits — including re-creations of the
New York cabin where the church was established in 1830 and
Missouri’s Liberty Jail, where Smith spent months incarcerated in


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This is what same-sex marriage looks like now: as gay as the Mormon missionary position

7 Oct 2014

I was preparing for my mission, when I caught myself masturbating
to a Men’s Health cover,” James Ord told me on Monday. The
38-year-old Salt Lake City lawyer grew up Catholic and Jewish, but
converted to Mormonism as a teenager before he fully understood
that he was gay – and more than a decade before he’d marry Steve
Hempel and begin raising four children with him.

There are times when I have been critical about marriage in general
and gay marriage in particular in these pages, but any day the US
supreme court expands marriage equality across the nation is no day
for cynicism. Not that much, anyway. Speaking to three queer
couples the day their government saw them as equal – two returned
Mormon missionaries in Utah, two moms in the Bible belt, and two
lesbians in North Carolina – reminded me of why marriage equality
is so important. As the supreme court affirmed the right for
couples to wed in a majority of states in a sweeping expansion of
gay rights, the justices didn’t just affirm the rights of couples
to file taxes jointly. They affirmed the right of couples of all
faiths and all races to see their families as worthy and valid of
love in American society.


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’16 Stones’ turns faith under fire into non-stop adventure

7 Oct 2014

Herald Extra

In the early days of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, persecution was common, and many families were negatively
impacted by the cruelty and brutality of others who didn’t
understand or entirely rejected their beliefs.

Mob attacks and political injustice eventually sent members of the
Church fleeing across the country in search of a place where they
could live and worship without constant fear of attack.

But what if there was another way? Instead of running from the
terror, what if there was a way to prove the validity of the
Church’s doctrines and save members from the brutal persecution of
the late 1830s?


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Soho Crime to Release THE BISHOP’S WIFE by Mette Ivie Harrison, 12/30

7 Oct 2014


A Mormon community in Utah is rocked when a young father named
Jared Helm announces that his wife has run off on him. Marriage in
the Church of Latter Day Saints is an eternal affair, where
families are sealed to each other for all time, not just until
death “parts” them. Carrie Helm, by all accounts, was not only a
good wife and neighbor, but a loving mother as well. But according
to Jared, she also suffered from mental illness and drastic mood

Linda Wallheim, the wife of the ward’s bishop and mother of five
boys, doesn’t think Jared’s story adds up. Against the instructions
of her husband, she begins to snoop into the Helms’ affairs. Linda
has long been wary of the secrecy and patriarchal structure of the
church, not to mention more than a few of the rituals she believes
have outlived their time. Now her doubts are too troubling to push
aside: is the patriarchy so powerful that a man is going to get
away with murder? And if the ward was unable to protect Carrie Helm
from an abusive husband, how can she keep other women in her ward


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Governor: Gay couples in Utah cleared to marry

7 Oct 2014

Standard Examiner

SALT LAKE CITY — Jubilant gay couples in Utah celebrated a historic
legal victory Monday by applying for marriage licenses and
exchanging vows after the nation’s highest court unexpectedly
rejected appeals by five states trying to protect their same-sex
marriage bans.

The denial of the appeal by Utah and four other states left no
pending gay marriage cases before the high court.

Hours after the justices’ decision, the Denver-based 10th U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals lifted its stay on Utah and Oklahoma gay
marriage cases, opening the door for same-sex weddings there.

Suzanne Marelius, 58, and Kelli Frame, 55, were the first same-sex
couple to pick up a license in Salt Lake County on Monday.


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