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Since the beginnings of Mormonism in 1830, there have been critics. Some criticism is to be expected of any religion or organization, but there is a segment of those critics who actively fight against the church.

MDL does not believe or argue that everyone who disagrees with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is “anti-Mormon.” As one prominent scholar of anti-Mormonism, Dan Peterson, Phd, put it:

The hallmark of anti-Mormonism is an agenda, whether covert or openly expressed, of combating the faith of the Latter-day Saints and opposing their church.

Many of these anti-Mormons are professionals, who have as a source of income, and sometimes their sole source, writing books, videos, or giving seminars depicting members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the most derogatory way possible.   Someone who is writing a news story who is not familiar with the zeal or the profit motive of these anti-Mormons might not recognize the common fallacious arguments that are repeated by those with an anti-Mormon agenda and could be easily duped into passing on this false information.

This photo, taken at the 2003 Easter Pageant in Mesa Arizona is just one example of the tactics of anti-Mormons.

Don't panic! You are in the right place!

MDL.org is now MormonVoices.org

Mormon Defense League is now “Mormon Voices” and our new URL is www.mormonvoices.org. You have automatically been forwarded to our new website. Our mission is the same, but our emphasis will be to help members become involved in critical conversations online.