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Warren Jeffs and his group are not Mormons

While most media outlets are getting it right, there are still those who are referring to Warren Jeffs’ group as...

Warren Jeffs and his group are not Mormons
posted on: Aug 12, 2011

The Basics

Writing about an unfamiliar religion may be daunting, and so we’d like to offer this quick list of very basic...

The Basics
posted on: Aug 9, 2011

Maher on Mormonism

Bill Maher has been a perennial critic of religion for years. His penchant for mocking the faith of millions is...

Maher on Mormonism
posted on: Aug 5, 2011


Marriage and family are central to Mormon theology.  Eternal life in heaven requires entering and keeping the...

posted on: Aug 2, 2011
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Mormons in the News

30 October 2014

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23 October 2014

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20 November 2014

No, Mormon temples aren't getting out of the marriage business
Mormon bloggers spreading reports of marriage changes in church
Could Mormon LDS Church Perceptions Be Changing? Seattle Leaders Invite Gay People to Worship [...Read More]

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